Monday, November 08, 2004

You've Lost

Hey guys, and welcome to "You've Lost". Contrary to what you may think from reading what my first few posts will be, the title of this blog does NOT refer to Democrats having lost the 2004 American Presidential election. My next post will be a crosspost from my regular blog, Heroes from the Past, which will give you the context of the title. I'm planning to have this website populated with examples -- from both sides of the political aisle, if possible -- of people who have lost the political argument through resort to name-calling or other forms of denigration. It just so happens that the first examples will be primarily from the left. For one thing, the left are the most recent losers in terms of political power. Secondly, and closely related to this, the left's reaction to Bush's Presidential win is what has directly caused me to start this blog.

My third post will be an open suggestion thread, in which you can suggest to me good examples of a politician (or anyone else) using ad hominem attacks. If the example is good, no matter from what past of the political spectrum, I'll use it with appropriate credit given and then I'll delete your comment on the post.

Sound good? Then let's get started!


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