Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Rachel Buchman Loses, As Does Laptoplobbyist

Full story here. Rachel Buchman was a reporter for WHYY-FM, a public radio station which in Philadelphia, until she left this voicemail for conservative website laptoplobbyist.com :

"Hi, my name is Rachel, and my telephone number is... I wanted to tell you that you're evil, horrible people. You're awful people. You represent horrible ideas. God hates you and he wants to kill your children. You should all burn in hell. Bye."

After Buchman's ties to the radio station are uncovered, she resigns in disgrace, so I think WHYY wins.

Hat tip That Liberal Media.

But it's not over yet! I decided to check my links by surfing over to Laptoplobbyist, and they get a loss also. Top story on their page:

Braying left-wing Republican Arlen Specter -- strutting around like a peacock in a barnyard -- just ORDERED the President of the United States to nominate pro-abortion judges – or else.

Oh, come on. I disagree with Specter just as much as Laptoplobbyist, but this type of rhetoric does nothing to further the pro-life cause.


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