Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Seattle Weekly and Tim Appelo Lose

The Seattle Weekly has an article by Tim Appelo titled "Is Bush the AntiChrist?" You'll have to read the whole thing to get a feel for its patronization and one-sided dismissal of eschatological Christians most importantly, but also conservatives, capitalists, and anyone who might ever talk to them. But here's what I consider the money quote:

In this sense, the Bush church is Antichristlike indeed. It is institutionalized deception, anti-American ugliness with a beguiling face, a neocon job. Only when necessary does it employ the perilous bald-faced lie, the outrageously transparent duplicity—the political equivalent of Robertson arguing that "Do unto others" indicates Christ's support of capitalist selfishness. More often, a smoothly dissembling surface is preferred. Rove notoriously emulates Machiavelli; the Christian right is a stealth movement, infiltrating school boards and mainstream churches and every institution of democracy like a thief in the night—in order to undermine, overthrow, and replace democracy with theocracy. Bush is the father of lies. The Union of Concerned Scientists proclaims Bush's lies about science "unprecedented." In With God on Their Side, Kaplan concludes, on mountainous evidence, "The goal is not to engage your opponents in the public square, but to kneecap them, or send them into exile."

"It is a conspiracy in the sense that they have not been public and accountable to their ideology," says Lang. "Follow the money! The same filthy-rich foundations that have funded the rise of neocons are funding the rise of the religious right." He suggests that you check out the exposé Web site for the terrifying particulars.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the picture:

Seattle Weekly. Tim Appelo. YOU LOSE.


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