Friday, December 17, 2004

Matt Cale Loses

I don't know who this Matt Cale is, but he loses. This is an old article, but it was recently posted onto a message board I've read -- presumably as proof that NASCAR dads are evil -- so I thought it would be appropriate to place here.

Here's the quote that was reproduced. And sorry for the profanity. I'm conflicted about whether to leave it in or *** it out, but, well, the point of this blog is to highlight the hateful things that people are saying in the name of politics. Are there any strong feelings out there one way or the other regarding this issue?

NASCAR Dads hate taxes and left-leaning social issues, which might make sense if these shower-averse imbeciles realized that the rich and powerful still despised them, even as they were being courted for votes. Most of the auto racing set continue to be the working poor, although middle class status is not entirely unheard of. But to distance themselves from a party or political philosophy that has historically benefited the lower classes makes little sense until we realize that NASCAR Dads, despite having 'pinions n' shit, are as woefully uninformed as the hood-wearing Klansmen of the past. And with the flood of corporate advertising involved in NASCAR (have you seen the billboards that pass for cars?), it makes even more sense that these bumpkins don't want no sass 'bout big bidness. Hell, auto racing survives only because the suits on Madison Avenue have taken notice, although the NASCAR Dads are convinced it's because 'the people' will it all forward. Of course, Bubba Gene, Fox runs these races out of the kindness of their hearts and is only reluctantly collecting the billions of dollars in advertising revenue. But that's the NASCAR Dad -- corporations are good and decent and 'bring jobs to folks like us' and are only corrupted when communists, socialists, and those who turn their backs on Jesus insist on regulations and standards.


Blogger N. Galvin said...

How does he lose, though? You never say why or how. Do you disagree? You can't just quote him and say nothing. You need to make a case for yourself.

January 22, 2009 at 10:14 AM  
Blogger UndercoverPunk said...

It's called argument ad hominem. This weblog was based on the idea that an ad hominem attack immediately signals loss of argument. Read the subtitle.

January 22, 2009 at 1:52 PM  

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