Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Michael Savage Loses

I missed this story last week, but I'll post it now. Michael Savage loses for his reaction to the tsunami:

We shouldn't be sending as much as we're sending. Bush has a lot of gall writing a check for 135 million dollars. This is more a UNICEF deal, it's a U.N. deal, it's a Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, George Soros, Bill Clinton bleeding-heart-liberal deal. I don't want to send them any money. You know, a few airplanes with some medical supplies and a little lip service would have been fine for me.


You could take the argument that it's God's will, it's too bad and let's move on. And then let others help them. They're not in our sphere of interest. Primarily, they hate our guts in plain English. All right, well, the argument is, well, if you send them money, they're gonna like us, show 'em we're not anti-Muslim. That is such rubbish. That is such rubbish. They're gonna hate you anyhow, no matter what we ever do.


It's not a tragedy. I wouldn't call it a tragedy. It's a human disaster. It's not a tragedy in that sense.


Many of the countries and the areas in these countries that were hit by these tidal waves were hotbeds of radical Islam. Why should we be helping them destroy us? ... I think what we're doing is feeding our own demise. ... I truthfully don't believe in foreign aid.


We shouldn't be spending a nickel on this, as far as I'm concerned. ... I don't want one nickel of my money going over there. ... I am sick of being bled to death by every damn incident on the earth.

Hat tip goes to a couple different places for alerting me to the story, but Media Matters is where I got the quotes.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami Losers

Chrenkoff provides a list of Tsunami losers right here. Via One Hand Clapping.

A couple examples:

"Thank God for Tsunami & 2,000 dead Swedes!!! How many tsunami-dead Swedes are fags and dykes?" -- Westboro Baptist Church

"[Washington] uses all occasions and circumstances to consolidate its hegemony, and through all legitimate and illegitimate means... No one is convinced that U.S. motivations are surrounded by humanitarian and moral principles... [The primary American objective is to] consolidate itself as the superpower of the world." -- al-Ahkbar newspaper, Egypt

Monday, January 03, 2005

John Hawkins Provides List Of Losers

Well, not all of the quotes apply here, but most of them do. Check out John Hawkins' list titled "The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes Of 2004".